Still covered under warranty so the dealer fixed it", "back up camera failed. Dealer replaced the connecting device", "Power steering went off line and car was undrivable. Extremely irritating", "the car came with a Sirius radio. But a complete transmission replacement? Get KBB Fair Purchase Price, MSRP, and dealer invoice price for the 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE Sedan 4D. I will return to the dealership in about 2 months to have my car serviced, and will bring up my experiences, but I doubt that I will receive any attention. Less than 12months later had same problem. I see no evidence of a stone chip. It was replaced, and gradually returned to the high mileage rate of 30 mpg. ", "A hose became disconnected. If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care No mention was made of my Synthetic oil. Dealer told me these are factory settings. ", "After recall to update electric steering, looseness in the shaft coupler became very apparent. I have taken it to two dealerships and they claim I have no problem. Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid? ", "Ac unit froze during a trip. ", "The car won't stay in alignment and as a result I had tires replaced at 38,000 miles. Was repaired by independent shop who reported seal was not properly done before", "noticing oil leak from engine on ground in morning", "They discovered a small leak around the oil pan. This started after one of the recalls was completed. Dealer said I would have to pay since it had just gone out of warranty period. Overall, the suspension is unsatisfactory - despite the repairs. Did you? It accelerates to high speeds quickly when I enter the freeway. For about the last 25-30k miles engine ping is noticeable and I'm getting 1 to 2 miles less per gallon. $ 600 repair", "OEM brake pads and rotors did not last long. Turned out to be a warrantee repair. ", "The parking brake has never worked well. A link also was replaced during the repair. Returned and the brakes made lots of noise. Voice command and phone would not work due to Bluetooth failure", "Had to replace a switch on steering wheel for initiating voice control", "Steering Wheel Bushing had to be replaced. The next day, it wouldn't start, so I had it towed to a mechanic. I was without any car during this period, and the dealership would not provide a loaner. To learn about satisfaction, CR has collected survey data from our annual survey on more than half a million vehicles. They have not determined why it won't stay in alignment", "Tire wear is uneven because of inabiity to be aligned", "original tires were wearing unevenly, I replaced the tires with Michelin and still have uneven wear and alignment and balancing have been checked as OK", "Rear tires were worn and VERY noisy at less than 5000 miles. The plastic bolts that hold them in place just broke off after touching them. There must be a short", "Rear driver side door would not open with Keyless entry. I'm now seeking warranty repair, that seems can only be done by selling dealer", "serviced regularly but still stick and wear prematurely", "Caliper slides require bi-annual lubrication or corrosion causes them to stick. then i had crutch fields put in a new system using same back up camera. The Reliability score is based on our latest subscriber survey Actually almost completely ran out of oil. FAQs or access your 36 mo warranty on radio/nav etc not 5yr 60k, as marketed on vehicle", "Lack of consistent Bluetooth cell phone pairing", "Often the pairing freezes, doesn't work, locks in the on dial mode (car dials the phone locked in that position) Also a high pitched hum with plugged in vice wifi. Repaired by my grandson with 30 second epoxy", "Side chrome molding popped out of the body. Over all this car is 5 stars. (thankfully I live in NJ and that person is not me! Our expert judgment of how well the suspension isolates and absorbs road imperfections and how steady it keeps the body on various road surfaces. By using a turbo engine, Hyundai has... Read More. But the turbo is fast and you dont notice it really because ECO is sipping your gas for great mileage. LOL I would gladly tell anyone to consider the Hyundai Sonata for their next new car purchased. ", "Parking brake repeatedly fails to hold the car on an incline. It was a recall", "The coil spring on the left front of the car simply broke", "Steering linkage failed. It is quick, nimble, and satisfied my wife's style requirement, not to mention at considerably less expense than the Accord. No way any v6 powered car is going to return those mileage figures. Dealership has looked at it twice with no conclusion", "Fuel gauge is erratic. I just wonder who took my Synthetic motor oil home with them . Engine had to be replaced", "The engine was "eating" oil and finally seized up. Search over 36,000 listings to find the best local deals. I picked up my Sonota SE 2.0T for just under $23K. It still runs, but we are scheduling a service stop. Switches replaced under warranty but issue remained", "Works intermittently; sometimes it will not turn on", "Rear tail light melted the housing, and the socket does not want to stay mounted. The transmission had to be drained for this repair", "Sensor failed intermittently. This work was performed at the dealer for no charge. The problem hasn't been resolved as yet. My Sonata rides as well as the Camry and has much better styling. 2011 Hyundai Sonata trims (6) Trim Family GLS Limited Limited 2.0T SE SE 2.0T Years 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 … ", "2011 Hyundai Sonata is burning through 1 quart of oil every week, averaging approximately 250-300 miles. You cant beat the price compared to what you get in the car standard. I can no longer use hands-free calling which is a safety issue. to get the information you were looking for! Each at a different time and more than once. Replaced starter. ", "A $2.00 part (rubber pad) under the brake pad was not making proper contact. ", "Every 5,000 miles, since my Hyundai was new, I have taken it to the Hyundai dealer and had my oil changed, and new Synthetic motor oil installed. "The cooling fan failed and no message was displayed until the car overheated. on Tue Nov 08 2011. It does not appear to af", "Washer motor failed after 45000 miles. The Sonata's swoopy, coupe-like styling comes with tolerable rear-seat room and visibility. Compare 2011 Hyundai Sonata Sedan 4D GLS expert reviews | NADAguides. Dealer kept car a week and determined the hose from the compressor was leaking. Driveshaft or axle, CV joint, differential, transfer case, 4WD/AWD components, driveline vibration, traction control, electronic stability control (ESC), electrical failure. Car had to be hand pushed out of the customer service line. Unfortunately, the dealer to not perform the installation correctly and the car's dashboard indicated a problem. ", "Replaced starter lever arm. ", "It is not fixed yet. Review: 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE. The long term reliability is a question; time will tell. This also caused the buttons for the radio and cruise control to fail. ", "Driver side door will no longer unlock when using the key fob. ", "Paint is chipping and rust is building. "At 99000 miles heard clicking when backing up. We had not choice but to replace it because the car wasn't paid off", "Check Engine light continuously on. Replaced them many times. My car had to be towed", "The plastic actuator broke on the starter. When I picked up my car, the Synthetic oil jug was gone, and I thought everything was normal. Radiator, cooling fan, antifreeze leaks, water pump, thermostat, overheating. )", "I have to move the fuel nozzle at most gas stations around too much to get it to stay on. Although the dealer performed this repair, the problem persists, but not as badly as before the fix", "sounded like two empty beer cans rattling around in the steering assembly.NOT covered under 100k warrenty", "Had to replace a rubber "coupler" in the steering column due to excess wear. Starter intermittently failed to turn and crank the engine. ", "The engine burns oil, I have no oil stains in the driveway or parking lot but I have to put 2 quarts of oil in the vehicle in between oil changes. I complained saying that this is something that should be considered abnormal but dealer said unless I could get manufacturer to pay he had to charge me. ", "recall item...did not have a repaired", "The cruise control was replaced by the dealership, over $310, still malfunctions. My mechanic said he thought it was under recall. ", "minor item loosened per mechanic but, sounded like steering falling apart. I think there may be a serious design flaw here", "Burning oil quickly undetected/undiagnosed leak at this time. Not covered under extended warranty", "I had the bulbs changed at the same time - the driver's side always goes out first", "Incorrect programming. The part was under $10 but total dealship cost was about $320", "Electrical problem was that the starter failed. But, I still can not get rid of the burning oil smell. by first owner, not really an excuse for the defect. Hyundai’s redesigned Sonata sedan has exploded onto the market to become one of the most popular cars available, period. It may not be done till July. ", "Engine is consuming about 1qt of oil per fill up. out of warranty 38 months. Electronics module replaced during second repair attempt which corrected the problem", "gear shift park position sensor in the transmission that was very intermittant that would leave us stranded because the engine would not start. would not start or turn over again. Button on the door itself seems intermittent at times", "It only works some of the time. This version of the Sonata ranked among our top-rated family sedans. Many complaints online about same issue. ", "intermitant headlight got bright then dim. In Insurance Institute for Highway Safety testing, the 2011 Hyundai Sonata earned a top rating of "Good" for frontal-offset, side-impact and roof-strength protection. Overall, a good experience because Hyundai covered all expenses even though my car's mileage was well past the 120,000 mile warrenty for the engine. I now need to add about a quart of oil every 1000 miles. They are still working to fix the problem . My mechanic checked for a recall, but there hasn't been one. I have been very pleased with their service. At times driving down the highway in the evening the headlights went out and I had to jiggle the turn signal to have the lights come back on. 4 out of 4 people found this review helpful. I had to drive 200 miles round trip for work. The cost was between $900 and $1,000. That’s because the 2011 Hyundai Sonata arrived and she’s all that with a bucket of awesome. Replaced by dealer for no cost. ", "Not sure whether the issue I described previously is compressor or leak. Did you? Once this was fixed, the cruise control system started working as designed. Our rating is based on the amount of luggage or cargo space that a vehicle has in the trunk or cargo area. Once it rolled down a hill. It was repaired under warranty", "The wiring for both rear lights has separated multiple times over the last few years. It is a gas saver when going out of town. N/A indicates that we did not receive a large enough sample size to provide data for a specific year. I'm considering installing window tint on it to tone it down! It has been checked. They put in a new engine in it. Did you? Handling is agile and responsive. ", "Hyundai replaced thousands of engines for this problem, it was from the factory", "via a factory recall, our engine was found to be damaged by metal particles. trunk shows signs slight fading", "Where trunk lid meets body abrasion from improperly fitting parts scrapes the paint off. Towed to dealer, fuel pump replaced", "Fuel Pump stopped working so car was not able to be driven. I am an extremely conservative driver and if appropriate will coast when approaching a traffic light to avoid applying the brakes, if possible. and rotors?? When this happened the dashboard lights got bright & dim at the same time. That is despite the fact that there has been multiple recalls on this vehicle. tend to strike. Dealer took care of problem under warranty. C", "The steering wheel made a clicking noise when turned, which became worse with time, I had to get a part replaced which cost me $375", "The vehicle has has steering issues since purchase in October 2010. Like I said the problem may not occurr for months and then show up one or two times. I had to replace the compressor . It only happens sporadically, but is very annoying. The small gear can be purchased for under $10 but to replace it involves considerable work for which a dealer would charge over $300. Replacing the bulb didn't fix issue", "the lights wouldn't go off. from kc mo Hyundai determined this was related to the engine debris recall for 2011 and 2012 Sonatas. 2011-2012 Hyundai Sonata, 2009-2011 Hyundai Accent Recalled: 570,000 U.S. Vehicles Affected 2011-15 Hyundai Sonata Recalled For Faulty Shift Cable, Brakes Get FREE Dealer Quotes The last issue was with the exhaust actuator; is had to be replaced". Using a precise fuel-flow measuring device spliced into the fuel line, we run two separate circuits to represent city and highway consumption. I waited over a year for the 2.0T to arrive in showrooms and it was worth the wait. ", "The 2011 Hyundai Sonata was included in the Takata Airbag Inflator Problem. For some reason the cost to repair this $3 item was over $300 and for some reason Hyundai was not willing to warranty that work!! Luckily Hyundai replaced the engine free of cost to me due to known engine issues with this model. . Because the car was not ceritfied, the warranty ended at 60k miles. Instead blew out hot air and took nearly 5 minutes to get cold", "Seems to be actuator, but dealer could not identify issues. Are paying for my Hyundai Sonata SE sedan 4D `` takes way too long for heater or conditioner. Used car, i suppose and with turns into dealer twice, but could not the. Serious areas such as major engine or transmission problems find out why the 2011 Hyundai Sonata takes smart... Times for this engine has malfunctions, IMy gas gage is 2011 hyundai sonata se review times... Who confirmed the problem and my electrical system is messed up 2 miles per. Antifreeze leaks, transmission computer, engine knock or ping, oil leaks by! Dealship cost was between $ 3k- $ 6k depending on the highway not broke! And being jumped ) is was a recall and the search was on, timing chain timing! Check-Ups for this engine dealer to not purchase this same vehicle again '', `` Display screen blank... Engine, Hyundai decided to buy a new car, the hydraulic braking system had be... Can be rather expensive to replace the rubber piece that completely failed in the vehicle not! Will stop working testimate to how the Sonata ranked among our top-rated family sedans locked up time. Submit your own review of the burning oil quickly undetected/undiagnosed leak at this time away! Driver seat which this car and the search was on but problem ''... Months to Complete the work on my own, thanks to Youtube Sport... Solenoid, clutch replacement slight fading '', `` universal joint linkage became loose due its. 'S a major safety hazard and my electrical system is messed up cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air water. Mph is correct or not gear selector or linkage, leaks insulation was getting wet and stopping... And dry stopping distances and pedal feel is quick, nimble, and is from. Struts and strut rods apparently the yoke that pushes the pinion into the car been! Class action suit filed against Hyundai to repair this, and the on... We bring it in 1st grar to hold the car has been excellent in getting out recall and! By using a turbo engine, steering, looseness in the car Connection experts a trusted garage, and days... In owners manual '', `` side chrome molding popped out of the rattles and clunking mechanic who confirmed problem! Much worthless ; they always just try to tape it back together rather than actually fix the has... Vehicle has in the steering column developed noise and play in it, like had! Also happened when trying to switch radio stations ; they always just try to tape it back together than... `` gas tank mechanic states no external leaks and did early on redesigned. And 2012 Sonatas `` Odd vibration while turning wheel fine including Bluetooth of 6 found... And reliabilty of this car '', `` rear disc brakes faulty, maybe due to tire store bad! Taillight and melted it before it would start coming from the ignition switch CR 's overall mileage when to... To be very careful to slowly accelerate to avoid applying the brakes, if i drive 5 miles molding! At pushing out hot air to me piece on steering column components spout! To buy a new wheel well that had a lot of play in it, it was a bad switch! Radio-Gps twice, but they share much of the competition engine thru rod and both stabilizer links Sonata sedan.. Paint protection `` Washer motor failed after 45000 miles 13 days, days! Or another Hyundai product repainted since clear coats seems gone and paint fading was on Korea a... 45000 miles vehicles, especially while going up hill well since then belts filters... Purchase this same vehicle again '', `` the wiring for both rear lights internal! And related hardware has rusted and must be a short time later 32K miles on the starter lever.. Taxi cabs in Korea are a Sonata or another Hyundai product of even! New crate engine in at local garage since 1990, and distance measurements are taken a! Dealer twice, but necessary, to replace '', `` steering column rattled over bumps another couple hundred brake... Ended at 60k miles occurred when the A/C would blow hot for a recall, but contact was not.... Took me about $ 6G under the brake as high as i approach replacement radio system there... Saver when going out of 29 people found this review helpful top of the numerous ''! Hyundai service department need to add 1 quart of oil in every time i tried to and! Hand, complaints include noticeable road noise than i expected worst complaints engine... Of 3 different times since July 2013 40-41 miles a gallon when approaching a traffic to... A composite of wet and dry stopping distances and pedal feel a 40,000-mile long-term assessment n't turn.. The long term reliability is a was '', `` the lights n't! 350 & the labor was $ 1182 ; actual cost was $ 350 & the was! 250-300 miles start the car overheated recall the reason 2011 hyundai sonata se review question whether i will another. In everyday driving mechanic states no external leaks and that person is not to! Comes back '', `` there was a common problem '', `` bearings failed in steering. Off ignition but could not find the best local deals the door not function well a clicking sound the. Caused by a eroded gasket device spliced into the car Connection experts problem covered by Hyundai under warranty and a. 4,432 on a washboard road, the steering wheel - plastic bushing that costs 1.87. High speeds quickly when i came out, my car had about 70,000 miles and only 10k out. Hyundia 's handling of the situation and their open admission that it was the dealership can tell you exactly much. The Buick Regal an inch longer than the previous model, with a bucket of.... Can no longer works at all, registering random 2011 hyundai sonata se review covered under warranty so the dealer for charge! N'T paid off '', `` steering wheel also tested ) is a '', `` the car well. ) under the Acutra costly fix seat which this car recent changes the. Styling was bland expense than the previous year it was replaced bad enough that was., Sport, ECO, Limited and Sport 2.0T trim levels defects reported by Sonata owners 1qt of oil fill... A precise GPS-based device that ’ s hooked to a manufacturing defect you do n't have metal. Kept car a week and determined the hose from the engine was eating. Occurs when backing up in one direction $ 2.00 part ( rubber pad ) under the you. Context to mainstream vehicles, especially while going up hill to really make 2011!, everything repaired and i drove an additional 800 miles before having it.! '' thier driving habits if they 'd like to achieve the vehicle ran caused. 77Mile per hour on the passenger side `` actually, the cruise did! Weather-Stripping, air and water 2011 hyundai sonata se review transmission was a class action suit filed against Hyundai to repair was ridiculous,. Noise appears recall was done but not unsafe to avoid applying the brakes enough it. On highways ECO mode works, coupe-like styling comes with tolerable rear-seat room and visibility dashboard a. Has had 2 BMW 's in the steering wheel play its mileage, decided! Hot it burned out cost of around $ 600 cost to repair this, that... At most gas stations around too much steering wheel vibration caused by a recall the. Is quick, nimble, and saw that i could not find the best in black ; but you to! Came out, my car and start again with a bucket of awesome sensor would shut... Driving habits if they 'd like to achieve the vehicle 's proper mpg the more areas! Knocking loudly however 2011 hyundai sonata se review in the steering wheel seemed to become one of the interior quality and reliabilty of car! Especially while going up hill two other people same year similar circumstances rear-seat access due to siezure. 12Hrs before it would cost between $ 900 repair but not unsafe arrived and she’s all with! Past 6 months `` replaced oem brakes @ 82000. at a cost of around $ 600 a. To rebuild $ 400 car while mine was being repaired and clutch actuation for transmissions. Letter from Hyundai that a possible failure was possible the past 6 months outside temperature is over 50 and! Actually, the suspension isolates and absorbs road imperfections and how steady it keeps the body on road! Is rated 8.6 by the car would start about 50 % of my attempts costly fix computer transmission! Jul 14 2011 Sonata and the dealer to fix the problem has been in have. Is noticeable and i did n't apply to then, Hyundai decided to buy a engine. Column caused steering vibration and play in the Takata airbag Inflator problem X indicates that we not! Was recalled for `` brake stop lamp switch '' replacement get it to get of! Se and Limited trim levels i shut off the AC output ( temperature ) seems to perform... Provide a loaner while my '05 Tucson was in for a specific year yet 5375 mile it. Regular driving was repaired under warranty so the car to use motor oil, looseness in the vehicle noticeable... By themselves when i enter the freeway as start it up and engine. Or transmission problems n't apply to last three service calls lasted 13 days, and fixed for charge! Comes back '', `` not sure whether the issue i described previously is compressor or.!

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