Andrew Scott. If you are looking for tough, water-wise shrubs for your garden, consider choisya plants. Ligustrum japonicum Aureum . It is natural to associate the color orange with the month of October for the obvious reason of course, Halloween! Choisya is a small genus of evergreen shrubs that are botanical cousins of citrus trees. However, the best time to do it is either in the summer or timed after it’s flowering season. Choisya ternata Lich aka Sundance Mexican Mock Orange. Height: Minimum 6 feet , Maximum 8 feet Report a problem. !But, Team Fine Foliage wants to remind you that it is of course the season for “leaf-peeping” and since orange is a hot and trendy color in design, why not start there?. Posts about choisya ternata written by personalgardencoach. Does best with regular feeding The nursery is open for browsing and buying on select days throughout the growing season. Provender Nurseries are progressive and professional in our approach to supplying the landscape industry with a diverse range of plants and landscaping kit. Clusters of small, very heavily scented, white flowers on branch tips appear in spring. In April-May and then often again in August – September the Mexican orange blossom produces a smothering of single, white flowers which attract all sorts of wildlife, such as bees. Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Choisya ternata 'Sundance' can be grown in full sun, but opt for an area of light or dappled shade to ensure the leaves retain the best of their colour. Check Availability. Fargesia Rufa 100cm 20l . Choisya ternata. When bruised the leaves give off a strong and pungent odor. Choisya ternata ‘Sundance’ has glossy yellow foliage, Choisya ‘Aztec Pearl’ has fine foliage and white flowers and is regarded as one of the best varieties. Sundance has bright chartreuse to golden-yellow leaves that contrast older, green leaves. The leaves are opposite and compound each about 2-3 in long. The fragrant white, star-shaped flowers show up well against the attractive, dark, evergreen foliage. The white flowers are about 1 in across and are very fragrant. A lovely, rounded, compact, medium-sized shrub for planting in courtyards, patios, large pots and mixed borders. Hardiness zone 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b, 10a, 10b. Choisya Ternata 2 Litre Pot . Presence of pricing data does not indicate product is in stock. The Choisya Ternata (also known as the Mexican Orange Blossom), is a rounded, bushy shrub that is evergreen. Choisya ternata or the Mexican Orange Blossom is a rounded, bushy plant with abundant shiny, rich green leaves compound leaves with three leaflets about 4 to 8cms long. Exposure – part sun and shade Provender Nurseries in Swanley, Kent are an independent wholesaler of plants and products related to the landscape industry. Hello There, These will be around 30-40cm tall, but nice and bushy. The species is named after the Swiss Protestant clergyman and botanist Jacques Denys Choisy. Botanical Traits and Classification. Plant Category: Deciduous Shrubs & Broadleaf Evergreens. Choisya ternata is a marvelous flower shrub at the beginning of spring with its magnificent small, white and fragrant flowers.. Main Choisya ternata facts. Choisya ternata is the plain green variety, much stronger growing, with five petalled white flowers through summer, height can reach up to 1.5-2m. Hebe Wiri Mist 5l . Mexican orange blossom, Choisya ternata Mooseys Country Garden. Choisya ternata does not require regular pruning however as they begin to approach their maximum height and width of approximately 2 metres, they can overshadow smaller species and extend out from the borders onto paths and walkways. Choisya ternata. This decorative shrub is excellent for hedging, screening and is perfect for decorative pots. Two species in particular are seen most often in gardens, Choisya ternata and Choisya arizonica. These shrubs are easy to grow and require very little care and attention. It has beautifully scented, dark green leaves, and clusters of fragrant white flowers that bloom in the spring and summer. All 5 species of choisya are native to North America, growing primarily on high elevation hillsides and canyons of the desert Southwest and south into Mexico. Name – Choisya ternata Family – Rutaceae (Rue family) Type – shrub Height – 6 to 10 feet (2 to 3 meters). The leaves are aromatic and produce bunches of sweetly scented white flowers throughout spring and sporatically during the summer months. There are many sweet-smelling shrubs and a number whose flowers hold the … A very nice evergreen shrub that ranges from 6-8' in height and width. 1) Choisya Ternata This is the most authentic and original plant before designer versions of them started to gain publicity. 175-200cm . Magnolia Soulangeana 10l . Crocus Helpdesk. They provide structure to the garden, like a back-bone. Read on to find out how to grow choisya. 6: 6, t. 513 Buy Choisya ternata (Mexican Orange Blossom) online from Jacksons Nurseries. 2009-07-30. Choisya Ternata Sundance. Grows in Part Sun. A shrub is a woody plant which is smaller than a tree and has several main stems arising at or near the ground. Choiysa ternata are a very hardy drought tolerant bushy shrub, attractive glossy green foliage with heavily scented flowers from spring through summer. Choisya ternata Kunth Common names Mexican Orange in English Mexican-orange in English Mexican-orangeblossom in English mexikanische Orangenblume in German sanktpatriksbuske in Swedish Bibliographic References. Dear Crocus, I am looking for a reasonable sized plant or shrub to go in a large tub. We only deliver locally to the Bay Area. Fragrant, orange blossom-like blooms start in late Spring and continue through the Summer. Description Choisya ternata 'Sundance' is a popular evergreen shrub with cheerful yellow, oval foliage year round. I asked for help from a lady on your staff, and between us we found everything on my list. The nursery office is open Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9am-5pm for orders & enquiries. Choisya ternata is a compact evergreen shrub with glossy, dark green lanceolate shaped foliage. Pittosporum Nana 25l . Opening Times. And since Choisya, especially ternata sundance and aztec pearl, is gaining wide popularity around the world, the varying seasons make it impossible to pinpoint an exact time to start pruning. Cornus Midwinter Fire 20l & 2l . Choisya Ternata Sundance grown for their brightly coloured foliage and scented flowers Learn More. Please could you advise what size your 7.5lt Choisya ternata are? Arbutus Unedo 100-125cm 20l . Choisya ternata, which is commonly known as Mexican Orange Blossom, originated in Mexico and was introduced to Europe in 1826. Choisya Ternata The Choisya Mexican Orange Blossom is a hardy, evergreen shrub with glossy dark green fragrant foliage and has a dense habit maintaining a natural rounded shape. Choisya produces clusters of pure white flowers lasting up to three months throughout spring. 2009-07-29. Exposure – full sun Foliage – evergreen Flowering – April to June. Choisya ternata – Mexican Orange Blossom Choiysa ternata, Plant Profile and Landscaping Uses. Care Information Pot-grown shrubs can be planted at any time of the year as long as the soil is not waterlogged or frozen. £7.90. Rosmarinus Officinalis 5l . Exposure: Light/Bright Shade. Choisya ternata (Mexican orange mock orange) is a small compact growing evergreen broadleaf shrub that gets to 6-8 ft high with a 6-8 ft spread. Choisya ternata, also called Mexican orange, is an evergreen shrub that bears clusters of fragrant, star-shaped flowers.Choisya shrub care is easy. Due to large demand we are able to provide superb quality at the prices many charge for standard stock. Why Buy From Us? Good informal hedge or foundation plant. Flowering Shrubs - Seagrave Nurseries Limited. The clusters of flowers appear in spring, sometimes in late summer. “A fantastic nursery; I wanted some plants and trees for my garden nd drew up a list of what I was looking for. Choisya ternata Sundance 5l . Add to Cart. Choisya ternata ‘Sundance’ is is a true marvel at the beginning of spring with its magnificent small white flowers and its superior golden yellow foliage.. Key Choisya Ternata Sundance facts. Fragrant 1″ white flowers in spring. Maybe due to it being the original, without artificial experimenting, it tends to grow it’s trademark star-shaped flowers more quickly and easily compared to other varieties. It makes for a great medium size hedging plant to accompany any garden. The genus Choisya was studied by Gray (1888), Standley (1923), and later by Muller (1940).Choisya neglecta is the nearest to Choisya ternata, differing only by smaller leaflets and inflorescences.The other species counted by Muller are sometimes classified in a related genus, Astrophyllum, but according to Dreyer et al. Plants look their best when protected from the hot afternoon sun and are well drained. Thank you. The best known Choisya being the “Mexican Orange Blossom”, and its popularity comes form its flowers, foliage and easy care nature once established. Mexican Orange Zone: 10a, 10b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b. Please click here for full details.. Plants can be collected from the … Is Choisya is OK in a pot? Kunth (1823) In: Nov. Gen. et Sp. Name – Choisya ternata ‘Sundance’ Family – Rutaceae (Rue family) Type – shrub Height – 3 to 6 ½ feet (1 to 2 meters). Osmanthus Burkwoodii 80-100cm 18l . Please see our Current Availability page or call (707) 544-4446 to confirm availability. Choisya size? Prices subject to change without notice. Flower Color is White/Cream and blooms in Spring. The foliage is evergreen although … Mexican Orange Blossom (Choisya ternata) is grown not only for the masses of beautiful flowers in late April to late May but also for their foliage which, in the case of Choisya ternata Sundance, is a delicate yellow to lime green colour.

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